Success with web design and development

Are you interested in starting a business in the digital world? It is quite obvious that you need to have an insight into how the business in the digital world works. And it is essential that one has to possess a website in order to make their business available for the people

Why do you need a website?

A website is the prominent mediums used by the entrepreneurs to promote their business and gain as many customers as possible. Creating a website is definitely not a piece of cake, a lot of effort goes into building a website and there are two significant elements, such as a web design and development. And if these two elements are not existent on the website, then it is clear that you need to work on it.

Why Web Designing?

One of the most important aspects of any website is the appearance, navigation, and the interface. Technology is evolving at a great extent and it is essential that a website is updated according to the current trends and requirements. And a user would prefer to be on a website which is easy to handle and has an elegant appearance as well.

It is the important factor when you consider your online presence and that is the selling factor as well amongst the millions of people who are literally glued to the internet on a regular basis. The first reason why web design is important is navigation and usability, it should be easy to navigate through different pages. Consistency is another factor, only a consistent web design will lead you to successful online business.

What is Web development all about?

Let’s go ahead and check out the elements of web development. A website will not work with just a simple and most captivating web design you could ever put together. There is a lot more to it, it is the development part of the website. The development of a website can range from simply bringing data together or uploading a strong engaging content as well.

A website is a stage for an entrepreneur to set up their business to the world in the best possible way. The development involves everything related to the source code and the content management system as well. If you want to get to the world of business in digital form then you need to go ahead and start working to get the best website ever made.

Make a modern web design

New websites keeping popping up in the market every day and so do the new design concepts. With new websites new web design elements are also taking birth. Here are some elements that are part of the modern website styles.


Fonts can create an instant familiarity when browsing the web. Typography is one of the modern web designing tools that can help you in creating a brand identity. You can simply play with fonts = to direct the viewers’ eye to different sections of your website.


Responsive web designs are part of modern design concepts. A responsive website re-organizes design, and content size itself as per the screen size. An easy way to figure out whether your website is responsive or not just resizes your browser window.

Grid style

The grid design has become popular in the modern web design and that too quite strongly. Grid style is not just a simple and easy design trend to implement on your website but it also gets more information to your visitors.

Minimal design

Minimal design is exactly as per its name – less and which is best at times. A minimal design can be applied to any style, it helps in creating more clarity for your site users. It also helps users to stay focused on your content and helps them to easily navigate around the site.

Large images

The large images as called ‘hero’ images are another quite popular tactics of modern website design that help in attracting users. In fact, the trend has been going strong every year on Google trends.

Fullscreen background videos

You must have noticed how some websites play custom videos playing in the background. This is one ofthe trends that’s becoming increasingly popular. Background videos are played on the websites by hard-coding using some custom HTML and CSS.

Solid Web Development

Robert C Martin the co-author of the Agile Manifesto is said to be the person behind SOLID principles. Robert who is also called Uncle Bob introduced the object-oriented design in the year 1995. These practical recommendations help developers in designing flexible solutions, detect code issues and more.

Developers can create a maintainable and extendable codebase by just following SOLID design principles. Initially SOLID may seem a handful of principles, but with time and continuous usage and adherence to its guidelines, it becomes part of your coding strategy, which can be easily extended, modified, tested and refactored without any issues.

Here’s the complete definition of SOLID:

  • Single Responsibility Principle
  • Open-closed principle
  • Liskov Substitution principle
  • Interface Segregation principle
  • Dependency inversion principle
Let’s look at all each principle individually to understand how SOLID principles help web developers.

Single responsibility principle: According to the single responsibility principle – a class should have a single responsibility. So as a practice anyu complicated classes should be divided into smaller classes which makes it easier to not only understand but maintain your codebase.

Open-closed principle: The open-closed principle says that all the modules, classes, methods should be designed in a way so that you are able to change the behaviour of the system without changing the source code.

Liskov Substitution principle: This principle states that subclasses should be added to a base class’s behaviour but should not replace it. This principle helps developers achieve more reusable code and better organise class hierarchies. Interface segregation principle: This principle by Uncle Bob states that people should not depend on the methods they use. In fact, several client-specific interfaces are better than the generalized interface.

Dependency inversion principle: This principle suggests that high-level modules should not depend on the low-level ones. The modules should depend on abstractions. Also, abstractions shouldn’t depend on details but details should depend on abstractions.

Mobile Responsive Design

With mobiles becoming increasingly popular, new design concepts are also taking a shape. One such modern design concept is responsive design, which has already garnered a lot of attention as businesses who want to sell their products/services to different kind of audience usually go for it as it works best on different platforms.

Mobile responsive design:

A responsive layout or content responds or adapts to the size of the screen they are being presented on. A responsive website will automatically fit the device you are reading it on.

Generally a responsive design is based on four general screen sizes – widescreen desktop monitor, the laptop, tablet and the mobile phone. The beauty of this design concept is that as the screen gets smaller the content shifts and changes to the best display for each screen.

So why should we implement responsive design?

The most important reason to adapt to responsive deigns is your users. Because you to provide best experience to your users without forcing them to adapt themselves.

Here are two ways that will help you give your audience a good experience while using responsive designs.
  • Optimizing the layout of the content
  • The second is to adapt the content that is shown
  • Responsive designs work best as they help in bettering the user experience.

    Equava for Web Design & Development

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    Whether it is about the logo creation or a unique background, you can depend upon our graphic designers to create something that becomes a pull factor for your target audience. A successful web infrastructure should be consumer friendly. The services of the top professional web design & development company are based on a design that’s visually attractive and functionally appealing.

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