Voice Search – Futuristic Mobile App Development

What is voice search?

Voice search is a great way of searching in internet through the voice command. It is initially named as Voice Action, which allows you to probe questions to find out the apt answers by speaking the keywords of the content needed to be found.

This includes open-domain keyword queries on any information to effectively search on the web. This often evolves several turns of interaction that allows a system to ask for explication.

Precisely it is a confabulation system where the query is been asked and answers for search results will be provided. The command received is first automatically recognised and later furnished with opposite replies.

Why voice search?

Voice searches already began to embed themselves in our daily lives, so it’s more important for the e-marketers to adapt to the new technologies.

Personal voice assistants keep track of your searches, online activities and save them as cookies to deliver a truly customised experience for the user. Once the information is saved, later when you make a request, it will use the collected data with no questions asked.

It makes the work easier and especially useful when you are busy working on a project and don’t have time to type something in.

Searchers are hungry for rapid answers, this technology serves it’s need and an alternative approach to web searches. Voice search is primary leverage where it also helps in boosting up the traffic of your websites. It is coming in fast and growing rapidly everyday.

Advantages of Voice search

1.Long-tail keywords
People don’t use the same way as they customarily type into a search engine. They ask more direct queries to get more appropriate answers. Now, long-tail keywords come into play. Using these keywords, it helps in increasing the content ranking in voice search engine result pages.

2.Stark and swift
Prior to this automation, the only option to deliver a command was to type. But with a gradual development of voice recognition feature, the communication ultimately became faster and more natural.

3.Accuracy in work
A huge number of mistakes can be avoided and users can continue to work instead of taking the phone in hand and typing.

4.Increased productivity
Streamline operations are the vital thing to enhance productivity in voice recognition apps. Thus by implementing it, the quality gets improved.

5.Safety enhancement
Voice technology is prompt, secure, and easy to understand and follow. Moreover, it requires less training.

6.Various Usages
These kinds of apps help users to carry out multiple tasks, perform multiple activities at the same time without focusing on the cell phone.

Scope in the online market

There is a tremendous increase in the voice search operation for the past few years, redefining the search techniques, the leading giant companies are working on and coming up with the best voice search devices to make even more candid. It is going to dominate the search market in upcoming years.

Spending hours on parroting by previously stated sentences, needlessly trying to mask the accent and finally type it out. Those days are now in their end because of elite voice recognition technology has been introduced.

Recent technological advancements on voice search have passed the pivotal of 95% accuracy rate, outstripping humans in comparative studies.

By allowing impulsive and seamless transactions, voice search has become the mainstream and it’s widely believed that by 2020, 50% of all the searches will be made by voice.

Therefore voice technology is the pilot light for the future of online marketing where it engages with the user’s convenience.

Mobile app integration

Smartphones are becoming smarter than before. The futuristic technologies are now can be integrated into customised mobile apps to give more interactive and immersive experience.

Currently, many smartphones are using at least one or two apps that are integrated with AI and Machine Language features. In this competitive scenario, AI and ML lend a hand to help attract and retain customers.

Personalised user experience is certainly one of the most important features. The machine language technology is designed in such a way that it continues the learning process from the data related to the user’s behaviour.

After analysing the data cautiously through different algorithms, the AI-based app will send personalised notifications and recommendations directly to the user’s device. User behaviour analysis plays a vital role in mobile app integration where you can classify users in different groups and find out the impact of the app in various age groups of people locally or globally.

The powerful marketing tool is the Mobile app. You can utilize these applications to easily promote the business. So, personalisation and individualisation hold the key to success. Both AI and ML helps in making you stay away from unwanted push notifications or irrelevant messages.

Enhance the searching option by providing advanced features as it works on the basis of data regarding the app users and searches performance. Promote a self-service approach for having answers to all the queries instantly by giving the user to search by their voice. You need to know how to optimise your website for voice search.

The chatbots have now been introduced which already started gaining ground in the web world. This technology can now be integrated with machine learning-based tools to enable excellent customer support.
Now you can provide entertainment with the chat AI assistant through an app. With some basic features like a built-in translator and language converter, you can eliminate the requirements of hiring customer service executives on a 24*7 basis.

You definitely have to provide the utmost security to the customers as they share their valuable information in your app, so it is necessary to protect their data for improving their confidence.


Voice search recognition is not only trendy but also a conceptual change in the way of communication with the world around us. It offers new opportunities for e-commerce. It also helps in to launch innovative marketing campaigns, which primarily leads to an enhanced brand reputation and revenue.

Hence this is the foremost reason why retailers and online marketers have already started leveraging voice technology to catch on their customer’s requirements and interests.

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