Mistakes that need to be avoided while working on Google My Business

Wrong Pins

Pinning in Google maps is essential because it is a vital thing that people rely upon. On time of updating Google My business, one most critical point where people forget to pin the map.

Customers go to places where they can reach easily with the help of Google map, which shows all directions to an exact destination without any difficulty. Unless mapping the terminus, consumers feel trouble in finding a spot or maybe get lost in unknown areas. It is a huge mistake and patrons think that you are not up to date according to the emerging technologies.

Sometimes, businesses clip their locations but those end up nowhere. Same as Google map embedding displays locale on the middle of the street or unrelated location.

Therefore it is advisable to pin the right location, in definite directions of your workplace is addressed. It is also advisable to check for some mybusiness guides before working on Google My Business.

Poor Business Description

Google only exhibits 250 characters for the description of your business. Companies often enter tedious and prolix descriptions. This quickly impacts the user’s decision whether or not to drop in your locale. Since the descriptions of characters are precise, consumers will compare a dozen of other businesses when they are about to make a decision.

Portray business representation that clarifies and ensures the correct category of your trading and how it is distinct from other competitors.

Highlight the things that users tend to be most curious about, queries about the venture that often comes up through phone calls or walk-ins to know what you can do for them. This guarantees Google will avoid penalty points and supports to get your market-place in local searches.

Having fake Reviews

The real fact is that some of the businesses motivate the users to leave a comment just by offering discount or coupon, paying a certain amount to leave reviews. This one violates Google’s general guidelines which may result in listing removed from the entire local search.

Google expects reviews from the original customers who visited a location and they do not receive any compensation amount for leaving a review. The review section needs to be carefully monitored.
Some people even hire professionals to deal with negative reviews.

The consumers who actually bought the products or services fall under the same category if they are provided with a discount for providing their comments

This issue can be easily fixed by implementing a policy i.e. to eradicate the rewarding process.

Unverified business listing

For each and everything, “Google My Business” plays a vital role; there is no possibility of replying to reviews too. Editing option is available for changing of address, contact number, website URL including hours. The entire team will not give a helping hand in case if a listing is unverified.

The user has all rights to suggest an edit option; Google accepts it & delete listings too. In a scenario if a listing is unclaimed, a major risk is taken for listing or editing data; summing up if a listing is left unclaimed, the search engine will not be able to alarm that any of data has updated or changed.

In order to claim Google My Business listing, just get it from concerned knowledge panel.

Incorrect information

GMB listing is a key part of the marketing strategy. The information that you deliver online should be up to date. Providing with incorrect data is indeed worse than not displaying information. If the update of hours is incorrect, then potential customers turn up at the mentioned location only to find out that is closed.

Such circumstances upset them and lead to a negative review while it becomes a positive review for your competitor. Another condition is missing of website URL and phone numbers. To avoid such situation, it is essential to have an update on your info from time to time.

Thereby, whenever a customer searches about your services they will land up in the right site, with the right information.

Final thoughts

To avoid these simple yet critical mistakes, you need to perform an audit on the listing of your Google My Business. Such flaws are a plague to businesses that are totally new to SEO. Read on how to completely optimise your site on Google My Business.

Verify and search if any issues are affecting the listing. If faults are found, correct it immediately. This is the key factor that determines the status of the business.

By tackling the difficulties put you ahead of a fair number of rivalries and set you on top the map. Taking into account of these points, there will be definitely a steady gain in your GMB insights.

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